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Cheese and Wine Pairing and Matching Guide

Cheese and Wine Pairing and Matching:  Photo: Aliona Gumeniuk
Cheese and Wine Pairing and Matching: Photo: Aliona Gumeniuk

There are many guides to wine and cheese pairing. My one is loosely based on the one provided in Decanter magazine then amended to put emphasis on Australian cheeses and wines while referencing famous European cheeses.

Example CheesesWhite Wine MatchingRed Wine MatchingSpirits or Fortified MatchingExplanation
Soft CheeseBrie
L’Artisan Marcel


Boatshed Tempest

Woombye Ash Triple Brie

Stone and Crow Galactic

Woombye Truffle Brie
Cool climate chardonnay (Southern Victoria, Tasmania, some Adelaide Hills),

Plus and Minus Blanc de Blancs
Dal Zotto Prosecco
Ashbolt Farm Sparkling Elderflower

Stargazer Rada
Vinea Marson Nebbiolo

Plus and Minus de-alcoholised shiraz

Soft cow and buffalo milk cheese have delicate light flavours. The acidity in these white wines cuts through dairy flavours, while their light body does not overwhelm the cheese flavour.
Blue CheeseEnglish Stilton
St Agur
Tarwin Blue
Blackburn Blue
Rutherglen Muscat Botrytis wines,
Blue cheeses tend to be salty, so the sugar in sweet these wines is used to contrast the flavour. Since blue cheeses have a strong flavour, a strongly flavoured wine is required to match.
Hard cheesesBlock cheddar,

Joe Crow

Comte, Gruyere




Clothbound cheddar


Grana Padano, Parmesan, Pecorino

Annie Baxter Reserve

Murray Bridge Cheddar
Full bodied chardonnay
Nebbiolo, Pinot Noir, Rioja, red Bordeaux blend
Four Horsemen Barbera
The bigger and more comple flavours that come with these cheeses can be approached in a couple of ways. Fuller bodied wines such as the bigger chardonnays or Bordeaux blend (Cab Sav, Merlot etc.) grapes, or instead focus on aromatics and acidity to contrast with the cheese with pinots, and tampranillos like Riojas
Washed-rind cheesesEpoisse

L’Artisan Le Rouge

Bruny Island Saint
Aromatic whites such as pinot gris, riesling, and gewurtztramier

Stargazer Tupelo
Das Helden Riesling

Pinot noir,
Crawford River Wines Apis Field Blend
Dune Pyla Nero D’Avola blend

Mayford Tempranillo
These cheeses are highly aromatic and gooey. So, the wines are also highly aromatic, but carry acidity to cut through the goo. They are light to medium bodoed so as not to overwhelm the cheese.
Goat and sheep cheesesBlack Sheep
Stone and Crow Amiel
Holy Goat Brigid’s Well
Meredith Ash Goats
Sauvignon blanc, dry riesling, , aged viognier,
Hahndorf Hill Gruner Veltliner

Soumah Estate Viognier
ShirazFino SherryRecognising that sheep and goat milk cheese are often more robust that cow and buffalo ones, the white wines have more body. The choice of shiraz is a matter of a strong red to take on the strong cheese flavour
Wine and Cheese Pairing

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