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Butterfly Factory Chamela (Gippsland, VIC)

Butterfly Factory Chamela Artisan Cheese: Review

Lovely cow’s milk artisan cheese made in small quantities. Butterfly Factory Chamela is daintily and wonderfully packaged. Opening it reveals a round white cheese with slight crenelations on the rind. Cutting the cheese reveals shows a soft cheese that holds its shape, comparable to a Boursin. It has a really nice texture in the mouth, a bit chalky. Light, and very easy to eat. I ate them with Olina’s date and apricot biscuits.

If eating as part of a cheese platter this would probably be the lightest cheese there. A gooey soft one would compliment it along with harder styles of cheese.

Avoid drinking red wine with this. You might just about get away with a lighter style pinot or gamay but I think white wine is a safer choice. I accompanied this with Stargazer Tupelo from Tasmania, which is a blend of gerwurtztramier, pinot gris and riesling made in an Alsatian style.

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Wine Matching | Wine Pairing

Because this is a light cheese avoid the big red wines. So, try white wines such as chardonnay, a viognier such as Soumah Estate’s, and riesling or light red wines such as pinot noir, gamay, or a light nebbiolo without much tannin. Dune Pyla would be good, especially if there is ham or proscuitto on your platter.

Where to buy

Because this cheese is released infrequently in small batches it is best to check the producers website to find current stockists as they seems to vary with time. Prom Coast Food Collective were selling this in Spring 2021. In winter 2020 got mine from Spring Street Grocer in Melbourne CBD.

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As usual the lovely photo comes from my foodie friend Le Petite Foodie.

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