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Burrata by Vanella Cheese (Marrickville, NSW)

Burrata by Vanella Cheese
Burrata by Vanella Cheese

Burrata by Vanella Cheese`: Review

Enjoyable fresh and light cheese. Burrata by Vanella Cheese is made in New South Wales where it is easier to get hold (see Where to Buy below), and more recently in Victoria. It is a very soft cow’s milk mozzarella / cream combo that comes packaged in a sealed bag held within a tub full of brine. The cheese is white and comes tied in a knot. Cutting through sees an almost liquid cheese reveal itself, containing fine strands of stretched curd (stracciatella). Tastes very fresh of light dairy flavours. Lovely in a salad, as pictured.

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Where to Buy

Vanella Cheese list their stockists on their website. I bought mine from Harper and Blohm in Melbourne.

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