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Bruny Island Saffron Infused C2 (Bruny Island, TAS)

Bruny Island Saffron Infused C2
Bruny Island Saffron Infused C2

Bruny Island Saffron Infused C2: Review

Limited release and enjoyable semi-hard cow’s milk cheese with a natural rind. Bruny Island’s Saffron Infused C2 is a raw cow’s milk cheese made made using the first lactation from local cows, and using locally farmed Tasmanian saffron. The paste is yellow-orange colour that is darker and firmer toward the rind while avoiding crystallisation, with a caramel dominated aroma. The texture is firm and allows a modest crumble. The saffron comes through in the mouth along with gentle nutty flavour. Very enjoyable and just that little bit different.

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Bruny Island do several semi-hard cheeses, including Bella, George, and a couple of variants of their flagship Raw Milk C2 (Australia’s first raw milk cheese), first their standard Raw Milk C2, and the harder to find 20 month Aged Raw Milk C2

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Wine Matching | Wine Pairing

Try complimenting the strong dairy flavours with a full bodied white chardonnay or viognier, or choose the acidity of a younger shiraz to cut through dairy.

Where to Buy

Limited availability once per year typically in the third quarter, currently for subscribers to Bruny Island’s online website.


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