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Bruny Island Raw Milk C2 (20 month) (Bruny Island, TAS)

Bruny Island Raw Milk C2 (20 month old)
Bruny Island Raw Milk C2 (20 month old)

Bruny Island Raw Milk C2 (20 month): Review

This cheese is a rare and delicious treat since it comes with almost a year’s more ageing than found in the standard Raw Milk C2 offering. Bruny Island Raw Milk C2 (20 month) is a hard curd cheese made from unpasteurised cow’s milk. The paste in the centre is a yellow-orange, but nearer the rind turns brownish and not quite crystline. Strong intense aroma. In taste terms there an initial hit a sweet diary before a more assertive savoury takes over. Umani and slightly fermented flavours about. Nutty, cooked browned butter. It’s not quite as far on the spectrum as an old aged gouda, but that’s tyhe territory it is going into. Utterly lovely.

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Where to Buy

The 20 month old Raw Milk C2 is in very limited quantities. I bought mine from Ripe who have online order and delivery. However, also check Bruny Island‘s website.

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