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Bruny Island Otto Cheese (Bruny Island, TAS)

Bruny Island Otto Cheese
Bruny Island’s Otto Cows Milk Cheese

Bruny Island Otto Cheese: Review

Bruny Island Otto cheese made from cow’s milk is sold wrapped in prosciutto and crafted to be cooked in the oven for about 10 or so minutes in a ramekin pot or small deep dish. And so when it is eaten hot it is unctuous and oozy. If oozy feels a bit schmoozy to you then maybe I should say instead that eating Otto is sinfully good. The reason for this is that when eaten hot from the oven you cannot stop yourself digging in a biscuit or cracker into the molten cheese and scorched ham and extracting it one sloppy clump at a time. It’d be perfect winter food where it not for the fact that it is too perfect. And that perfection means you’ll not be able to resist waiting until winter. Spring, Summer and autumn will do you just fine. It is fun tucking in and pulling it apart.

My poetic love song to this Otto aside; it is a soft creamy white cheese that in concert with the ham has a strong flavour. Of course, if you think about it this is logical so is is not overwhelmed by the over cooked prosciutto. It is not quite as strong as a melted cheddar, but that comparison will put you in the zone. Bruny Island Cheese’s website does not say Otto is vegetarian-friendly so I guess it is left for the carnivores amongst you.

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Wine Matching | Wine Pairing

The strong flavours of this combo demand red wine such as a shiraz, cabernet franc, aglianico or sagrantino or maybe even a fortified wine like a port.

Where to Buy

Check Bruny Island’s website for local stockists. I bought mine from Ripe in Melbourne’s Queen Vic Market. Price AUD 15-ish

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