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Bohemia Sekt Non-Alcoholic Sparkling White (Germany)

Bohemia Sekt
Bohemia Sekt

Henkell & Co Bohemia Sekt Sparkling White: Review

Before we start: If you are new to drinking non-alcoholic wine try my 2 minute Guide to Non-Alcoholic Wine. Bohemia Sekt Sparkling is a non-vintage zero-alcohol sparkling white wine made by Henkell & Co in Germany. It has a clean pale lemon colour, and a clean light nose. Flavours of grapefruit, lime and fresh cut apple. There’s the slightest hint of biscuits and bread in the mouth. Acceptable drink.

Most non-alcoholic sparkling white wines have a degree of citrus flavour to them. Plus and Minus Blanc de Blancs, and Barton & Guestier Blanc Sparkling are drier and less have less citrus, De Bortolio Fizzero much more. Pick your spot.

The bottle cost AUD 12 which is a lower price than most decent non-alcoholic sparkling wines.

Energy is111kJ per 100ml, so roughly one quarter of the same volume of alcoholic wine.

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Plus and Minus Blanc de Blancs: The benchmark Australian sparkling dry non-alcoholic white.

Barton & Guestier Blanc Sparkling . French non-alcoholic wine that is nearest to a champagne style.

Fizzero: More citrus in the mouth. Refreshing party stuff.

Food Matching | Food Pairing

Soft goats milk cheese.

Where to Buy

I got mine online from Craftzero. It’ll cost about AUD 12 which is at the lower end for a non-alcoholic wine.

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  1. Thanks for your review of Bohemia Sekt. Being from that part of world and having enjoyed many of the alcoholic versions of this bubbly, I am pretty sure it is made in the Czech Republic rather than Germany as you suggest in your titleā€¦

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