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Boatshed ‘Tempest’ Buffalo Brie (Dromana, VIC)

Boatshed Tempest Buffalo Brie (Dromana, VIC)
Boatshed ‘Tempest’ Buffalo Brie

Boatshed Tempest Buffalo Brie (Dromana, VIC): Review

Just stunning. Boatshed Tempest Buffalo Brie is a simply wonderful cheese that comes as a doughnut shape. And that ring has a delightful white rind splattered with ash covering a delicate soft core of cheese. Use of buffalo milk as opposed to cow’s milk lightens the cheese further and makes cow’s milk brie seem heavy and cloying by comparison. So, this all adds up to a divine experience – one that is so good it is difficult to find the words. My search for those words is made harder because I on this website I only write about cheeses and wines that I think are worth trying. I never write about the duds. So, all my reviews are neutral or better. With all these positive vibes I try to exude I am left with the challenge of how to describe something that stands taller than most of the other one. Well, this cheese is one. It is worth hunting for and becoming “My Precious”.

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Wine Matching | Wine Pairing

Due to the light style of cheese ensure the wine is not too heavy. Try chardonnay, Pizzini Verduzzo or Stargazer Tupelo or Soumah Estate Viognier. For a red keep is light bodied: pinot noir, gamay or a light young nebbiolo that’s not so tannic.

Where to buy

Melbourne: Bill’s Farm shop in Melbourne’s Queen Vic Market.

Full list available at producer’s website here

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