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Boatshed Cheese Compass Gold (Mornington Peninsula, VIC)

Boatshed Cheese Compass Gold (Rum washed)
Boatshed Cheese Compass Gold (Rum washed)

Boatshed Cheese Compass Gold: Review

Very, very nice washed rind cheese. This Boatshed Cheese Compass Gold is a pasteurised cow’s milk cheese that has been washed in rum, Boatshed sell other variants of this cheese washed in either gin or IPA beer. The orange-yellow rind has good aroma with only a little ammonia. Cutting into the cheese reveals a paste of the same colour, even in consistency, and quite soft, though not gooey. There’s a lot going on in the flavour department. Strong dairy flavours combines with savoury, animal and nutty notes. There’s a slight fruitiness which I wonder has something to do with the rum wash. I really liked this cheese.

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Where to Buy

I got mine from the factory cafe/shop in Dromana, Mornington Peninsula.

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