Sassafras Salita Sagrantino 2017

Sassafras Salita Sagrantino 2017 (Hilltops, ACT)

Sassafras Salita Sagrantino 2017: Review The sagrantino grape variety hails from Umbria in Italy. However, the for Sassafras Salita Sagrantino 2017 hails from Hilltops and Murrumbateman in New South Wales/ACT.  It was tasted with four years of bottle age on it and showed some a mix of primary and secondary flavours of plum and stewed […]

Ashbolt Farm Sparkling Elderflower White

Ashbolt Farm Elderflower Sparkling White (TAS)

Ashbolt Farm Elderflower Sparkling White: Review Lovely aromatic off-dry and alcohol-free white sparkling wine. Ashbolt Farm Elderflower Sparkling White has not been through fermentation and as a result has never had alcohol in it. Because of this there’s no risk of the wet cardboard flavours that blight many alcohol free wines. Lovely aromatics of elderberry […]

La Vera Adel Blue

La Vera Adel Blue (Adelaide, SA)

La Vera Adel Blue” Review Blue pasteurised cow’s milk cheese made with vegetarian rennet. La Vera Adel Blue comes in a navy blue wax rind. It is crumbly, ivory coloured and has significant blueing. There’s an intense aroma from it including ammonia. the flavours balance pronounced sweet, savoury, salt and acidity and carry herbacious and […]

La Petite Mort Saperavi Qvevri 2019

La Petite Mort Saperavi Qvevri 2019 (Granite Belt, QLD)

La Petite Mort Saperavi Qvevri 2019: Review I love the label.  Part classical European painting, part Gothic, scratched graffiti writing, moody and pregnant with expectation.  The saperavi grape’s native home is Georgia in the Caucuses – where wine was first made by humans thousands of years ago. La Petite Mort Saperavi Qvevri 2019 is the […]

Symphony Hill Wines Reserve Nebbiolo 2016

Blue Poles Teroldego 2012 (Margaret River, WA)

Blue Poles Teroldego 2012: Review The teroldego grape is mostly associated with the red wines of Italy’s Alto Adige region between Venice and the the Austrian border. Blue Poles Teroldego 2012 is a nicely balanced wine with a clean nose of good intensity. At the core of the flavours are black fruits such a blackcurrant […]

Heidi Farm Tilsit cheese

Heidi Farm Tilsit (TAS)

Heidi Farm Tilsit: Review Tilsit cheese originally hails from eastern Europe. Heidi Farm Tilsit makes it here in Australia, the only producer I am aware of; and for cheese-freaks an interesting back story. I enjoyed this cow’s milk semi-hard cheese. It had an incredible and intense smelly socks aroma arising from the fact that it […]

Symphony Hill Wines Reserve Nebbiolo 2016

Symphony Hill Reserve Nebbiolo 2016 (Granite Belt, QLD)

Symphony Hill Reserve Nebbiolo 2016: Review Although I can think of few reasons why I ought not to like this wine, the real story is that I loved it. So, why the preconceptions about Symphony Hill Reserve Nebbiolo 2016? Well, I guess I brought a lot of mental baggage to this one: the winery is […]

Bruny Island Cheese Raw Milk C2

Bruny Island Raw Milk C2 (Bruny Island, TAS)

Peaks Cheese Mountaineer: Review Australia’s first unpasteurised milk cheese. Bruny Island Raw Milk C2 is cooked curd cheese made from cow’s milk, aged for up to 12 months, and washed each week to encourage mould on the rind. The rind has a very intense smell. Cutting through it reveals and yellowish-ivory coloured paste even in […]

Hahndorf Hill Gru Gruner Veltliner 2020

Hahndorf Hill ‘Gru’ Gruner Veltliner 2020 (Adelaide Hills, SA)

Hahndorf Hill ‘Gru’ Gruner Veltliner 2020: Review Hahndorf Hill is the winery that put Australian gruner veltliner on the map. Their wines have won plenty of awards often against Austrian gruner veltliners. They have three brackets of gruner veltliner in their range with ‘Gru’ being the one in the middle. This is very nice wine […]

Peaks Cheese Mountaineer

Peaks Cheese Mountaineer (Victorian Alps, VIC)

Peaks Cheese Mountaineer: Review Lovely mountain style semi-hard cheese from the northern Victoria. Peaks Cheese Mountaineer is made from the milk of Normande cows from a single sustainable Alpine farm, and from vegetarian rennet. It is aged 3-4 months before release. The paste is yellow and interspersed with small holes, and has a good intense […]


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