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Blackburn Blue (Blackburn, VIC)

Blackburn Blue cheese
Blackburn Blue

In the best possible way I was deceived at first sight by Blackburn Blue having made the wrong assumptions about the delights contained within. Because of the blue on the outside, and the fragrance I was waiting to compare this to a Roquefort, Stilton or a Gippsland Shadows of Blue. It is an unctuous pleasure and a serendipitous surprise.

Cutting the cheese open reveals a cheese with consistent off white colour veering towards orange. Not a blue vein in sight. I found the texture alluring, like a very dense cream. Cutting through it vaguely reminded me of the texture of French Boursin because of the creamy density but without Boursin’s flakiness.

And the flavour? I loved it. Good flavour dominated by the creaminess rather than the blueyness (okay, I doubt that’s a word). The entire block lasted 10 minutes as a craved for more. I think you give this to a friend who says they have never liked a blue cheese but is open to trying again. It will begin the conversion process.

It is made in Melbourne by Powerhouse Cheeses.

Cutting through Blackburn Blue shows that the blue veins are on the outside, with the inside a creamy off white/orangy colour

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Where to buy

I got mine from Ripe who sell online and also in Melbourne’s Queen Vic market, Powerhouse cheese also sell direct from their website, and also list other stockists.


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