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Berry’s Creek – Tarwin Blue (Gippsland, VIC)

Berry's Creek - Tarwin Blue
Berry’s Creek – Tarwin Blue Cheese

Berry’s Creek – Tarwin Blue Cheese: Review

Berry’s Creek – Tarwin Blue is a vegetarian-friendly cheese made from cow’s milk that has been made to delight. It does this by being amongst the best blue cheese’s from Australia marrying a resplendent flavour akin to a British reserve stilton with a wonderful texture – not as crumbly as Stilton, but not as soft as a French St. Agur or a Shadows of Blue. While I can think of an equally fine Australian blue cheese – the stunning Blackburn Blue – but it is so different in style I think Tarwin Blue is head and shoulders the best at what it does.

Tarwin Blue has won awards at the World Cheese Awards and also the Royal Sydney Cheese and Dairy Show.

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Tarago River Shadows of Blue: similar to a St. Agur. A creamier style of blue, and more widely available.

Wine Matching | Wine Pairing

The strong flavours of this combo demand port, or a full bodies red wine such as a shiraz, cabernet franc, aglianico or sagrantino.

Where to Buy

Check Berry Creek’s website for local stockists. I bought mine from Bill’s Farm in Melbourne’s Queen Vic Market. Price AUD 15-ish for small block

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