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Berry’s Creek Oak Blue (Gippsland, VIC)

Berry's Creek Oak Blue
Berry’s Creek Oak Blue

Berry’s Creek Oak Blue: Review

Yet another impressive blue cheese from this cheesemaker. it’s not just me that thinks so, this cheese has won many national and international awards (along with sister products Tarwin Blue, and Riverine). Berry’s Creek Oak Blue is the most powerfully flavoured blue cheese in the range by this producer, and nears a Gorgonzola in terms of taste. It has a relatively hard texture with a little crumbliness. There is a lot of blue colour in the paste. The aroma is strong with a kind of concentrated herbal flavoured mixed in with some ammonia. Those herbal notes continue into the flavour profile along with a distinct minerality and salt. Balanced acidity handles the dairy/fat aspects of the cheese. Made with non-animal rennet so is vegetarian-friendly. This is good stuff. Bye, bye Gorgonzola, we don’t need you here anymore.

Berry’s Creek Oak Blue

Berry’s Creek Tarwin Blue: No list of blue cheese can go without at least one other made by Berry’s Creek….or their Riverine buffalo’s milk blue.

Tarago River Gippsland Blue: more good quality cow’s milk blue cheese from Gippsland, Victoria. From the makers of the better known Shadows of Blue

go River Shadows of Blue: similar to a St. Agur. A creamier style of blue, and more widely available.

Coal River Farm Blue:

Wine Matching | Wine Pairing

It’s blue cheese, so find a wine with some sweetness and big body. Port is the classic, or maybe a Rutherglen sticky. If you are feeling generous try Lethbridge Primarone. Or see my cheese and wine pairing guide for more options.

Where to Buy

I got mine while on a cheese tour that took me to the factory (there’s no factory shop) at Berry’s Creek. Try their online shop. Plenty of specialist cheese shops sell this as well most of whom have online sales too. Try Ripe Cheese or Harper and Blohm for a start.

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