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Berry’s Creek Barry’s Blue (Gippsland, VIC)

Berry's Creek Barry's Blue
Berry’s Creek Barry’s Blue

Berry’s Creek Barry’s Blue: Review

Impressive semi-hard blue cheese that tastes creamier than most blues in the mouth. Berry’s Creek Barry’s Blue is a seasonal cheese made from a combination of buffalo and cow’s milk from local South Gippsland herds. As a result of the mixture the blue cheese has a lightness that comes from the buffalo’s milk and body from the cow’s milk. Like other blue cheeses there are herbal overtones in the flavour. The minerality typical of a blue is there, but to a lesser extent than many. Likewise with the salt. I really enjoyed this cheese and see it as an individual cheese that is gentler than an St. Agur or Shadows of Blue, and nowhere near of strong as a Stilton, Roquefort or Gorgonzola.

Berry’s Creek Barry’s Blue

Berry’s Creek Tarwin Blue: No list of blue cheese can go without at least one other made by Berry’s Creek.

Tarago River Gippsland Blue: more good quality cow’s milk blue cheese from Gippsland, Victoria. From the makers of the better known Shadows of Blue

Coal River Farm Blue:

Wine Matching | Wine Pairing

It’s blue cheese, so find a wine with some sweetness and big body. Port is the classic, or maybe a Rutherglen sticky. If you are feeling generous try Lethbridge Primarone. Or see my cheese and wine pairing guide for more options.

Where to Buy

I got mine while on a cheese tour that took me to the Berry’s Creek Factory (there’s no factory shop). Try their online shop. When in season also available at Ripe Cheese.

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