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Bay of Fires Clothbound Cheddar (St. Helens, TAS)

Bay of Fires Clothbound Cheddar

Bay of Fires Clothbound Cheddar: Review

Bay of Fires Clothbound Cheddar: This Tasmanian treat is a delicious cheddar that won a trophy for best cheddar cheese in Australia in the Australian Grand Dairy Competition. The depth of flavour present that is beguiling. It probably comes from the twelve plus months of ageing that allows the flavours to mature.

There is a degree of creaminess to the firm texture of the cheese. When cutting from the block it does not crumble, unlike some other cheddars. When pushed to the face of the cheese biscuit using my knife it did finally relent and crumble.

Is that to do with it being a clothbound cheddar? I dunno. The only other one I can remember was made by Cabots from the USA (also yummy).

This is up there with the best Aussie cheddar you can find.

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Wine Matching | Wine Pairing

This cheese is powerful and so a strong tasting wine is required to match. Try Chrismont Marzemino, a Bordeaux blend, or a shiraz. Scotch and whiskey will do nicely, and I suspect so would a dry sherry.

Where to Buy

I got mine from Ripe in Melbourne. Check with Bay of Fires for your nearest stockist.

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