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Bastard by Bruny Island Cheese (Bruny Island, TAS)

Bruny Island Cheese: Bastard
Bruny Island Cheese: Bastard

Bastard by Bruny Island Cheese : Review

In interesting and enjoyable mountain style cheese with a confronting name. Bastard by Bruny Island Cheese gets it s name because it is made from a blend of cow and cheep’s milk. It has a yellow coloured paste surrounded by a natural rind. The aroma is strong with earthy, and fruity notes. As a result the milk blend and cheese making it has a complex savoury flavour. Make sure you eat it with the rind to reveal the earthy and nutty elements. While I usually like Bruny Island cheeses, I rate this one a little bit higher than the other semi-hard cheeses due to the complexity.

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While Bruny Island make softer cheese styles they do well on their mountain style cheeses. Their Raw Milk C2 was Australia’s first approved raw (unpastuerised) cheese. At certain times of the year you may get special variants such as Saffron Infused C2, their Bella, and their George.

Easier to find in mainland Australia are the semi-hard cheeses from South Australia’s Section 28. Comte style Monforte, morbier style Mont Priscilla, award winning La Saracca, and others such as Sunrise, pepperberry infused Monte Diavolo, and the beautifully flower encrusted La Primavera.

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Or try one of Monceau’s fabulous non-alcoholic pear or apple kombuchas in the style of cider. Wine? Try a fuller style pinot noir. Or see my cheese and wine pairing guide for more options.

Where to Buy

Not always available, and if it is, it will be available online direct from Bruny Island Cheese.

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