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Barossa Artisan Camembert (Barossa, SA)

Barossa Artisan Camembert
Barossa Artisan Camembert

Barossa Artisan Camembert: Review

Cheesemaker Victoria McClurg is a person of high repute in the Australian cheese making scene. And on the evidence of Barossa Artisan Camembert it can be seen why. As a result of the cheese being a perfect ripeness there are a range of textures on offer from a slightly firm white mould rind that gives way of a lovely gooey centre. There is a good balance between sweet and savoury flavours with just the right amount of salt present. Dairy and cauliflower flavours are present and just a hint of umani. This is very good cheese.

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Where to Buy

I bought mine from IGA in Melbourne’s Balwyn. Barossa Artisan list stockists so check their website.


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