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Banksia by Long Paddock (Castlemaine, VIC)

Banksia by Long Paddock
Banksia by Long Paddock

Banksia by Long Paddock : Review

Distinctive and indivual cheese that you make you have an opinion. Banksia by Long Paddock is semi-hard mountain style cheese with an ivory-yellow coloured paste. It’s the rind that makes this cheese most distinctive since is gives off a strong woody, earthy aroma, and is chocolate brown colour. When combined with the nutty and cooked butter type flavours of the paste it results in a very distinctive bite. I really enjoyed it as will most cheese freaks. The one adjective that will never be used to describe this cheese is ‘bland’. Will look good on a platter, and will invite conversation.

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Long Paddock make a rea;ly enjoyable range of mostly cow’s milks cheeses, their blue Bluestone, and over baked Driftwood, lactic soft cheese Silver Wattle. They are reviewed here.

South Australia’s Section 28 cheese and Tasmania’s Bruny Island Cheese are amongst Australia’s most prolific exponents of mountain style cheeses, each making a formidable range.

Wine Matching | Wine Pairing

A lot of people will naturally go for a big red wine to pair with a blue in an attempt to match the power of the cheese flavour. Another approach is to have a sweeter wine so the sugar counters the saltiness of the blue. A Rutherglen Muscat is an example, as are port-style wines. Or see my cheese and wine pairing guide for more options.

Where to Buy

I got mine from Long Paddock’s Friday night market stall aside Melbourne’s GPO building. Long Paddock sell direct on certain days from their factory shop at The Mill, Castlemaine, Victoria. Check their website.

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