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Artisan Flower Power by Kris Lloyd (Adelaide Hills, SA)

Artisan Flower Power by Kris Lloyd
Artisan Flower Power by Kris Lloyd

Buffalo Semi-Hard Cheese by Kris Lloyd: Review

Beautiful looking semi-hard cheese with a difference. Artisan Flower Power by Kris Lloyd has a flavoured rind of purple, orange and yellow flower petals. So, the bigger the slice you buy the more ravishing your cheese platter will look. Kris Lloyd can be relied upon to make visually stunning cheeses (see next section). And it smells and tastes good too. No surprises that the aroma is floral. Beneath that rind is an ivory coloured firm paste. Some of floral elements carry through into the cheese taste, alongside floral and light creamy elements.

I’ve reviewed over 100 Australian artisan cheese in the past two years and this is the first buffalo milk semi-hard cheese that comes to mind. So, take your platter to another level and make the cheese a conversation piece with a cheese like this.

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Kris Lloyd produces cheeses in her own name, and also through Woodside Cheese. Try here buffalo brie, gin infused G&C cheddar, or through the Woodside brand possibly the most visually stunning cheese there is Woodside Monet, the idiosyncratic Saltbush cheese, or the Jersey Brie.

If the focus is semi-hard cheese then there’s many to choose from. South Australia’s Section 28 and Tasmania’s Bruny Island Cheese are prolific and excellent in this regards.

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Berry’s Creek Buffalo Brie: More buffalo brie from master cheesemaker Barry Charlton from Gippsland, Victoria

Wine Matching | Wine Pairing

Try a medium bodied white like a sauvignon blanc or a viognier, or light red such as young pinot noir Or see my cheese and wine pairing guide for more options.

Where to Buy

Good luck. You can always try Kris Lloyd’s website. I got mine from The Cheese Society in Geelong, Victoria.

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