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Artisa Ben Lomond Vegan Camembert (TAS)

Artisa Ben Lomond Vegan Camembert

Artisa Ben Lomond Vegan Camembert: Review

On this website vegan cheeses are reviewed using the same criteria applied to animal milk cheeses. Artisa Ben Lomond Vegan Camembert is marketed as a “Camembert style cashew cheese with Tasmanian vine ash”. Artisa have done a good job created a white mould rind effect. As a result this cheese can sit with pride on a cheese platter. The paste within is a mix a greys and soft yellows with a streak of grey coming from the layer of ash. Visually it has the texture of an unripe soft cheese, by which I mean it lacks a range of textures in the paste spanning from solid to a degree of runniness. The rind a low intensity smell. Eating it reveals fermented and nutty flavours supplemented with a mineral flavour presumably from the ash. It’s quite salty with a savoury and acidic streak. Perhaps unsurprisingly there’s no dairy flavour or the natural sweetness that comes with them. It has a long finish. There’s a bitterness in finish that might polarise opinions.

Artisa got a lot of things right here. The rind and paste textures. Many of the flavours are good. So it’s worth a try, as do many people already.

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Wine Matching | Wine Pairing

I’d be tempted to try to full bodies chardonnay with this to handle the strong fermented and nutty flavours.

Where to Buy

This should be fairly easy to get. I got mine direct from Prahan Convenience in Melbourne’s Queen Vic market . Failing that check Artisa‘s website Woombye’s website for stockists.

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