About Me

Qualifications: WSET Level 2, Academy of Cheese Level 1

As a kid I always looked forward to my mother’s Sunday roast. My love of cheese comes from that period because the cheese platter always came out after the main meal. My dad took a lot of care to get a good variety. My from my mid-teens my dad allowed me one glass of wine too along with the meal. I moved to Australia in 2005 and since then my love for cheese and the occasional glass of wine has remained. My love for Australia’s cheese has only increased.

So this blog is my celebration of our cheese and wine. It’s getting ever better here. I’m not in the trade (for the record my job is in maritime I.T.) and I have no friends or other links within the industry. I’ll try to steer clear of the insanely expensive or status symbol stuff and maybe go a bit off the mainstream. I hope you enjoy and much as I’ll enjoy….

Instagram: cheeseandwineoz

Email: owner@cheeseandwineoz.com

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